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LOL… no, not a book or book promo today…. I’m showing a little love to my friend, Victoria Love. Not only can she sing her sexy ass off, but she sells yummy scented candles and gorgeous locks of hair…. my sister-friends know what I’m talking about. She’s a diva for sure, but an easy to work with diva who offers bomb products at great prices…


Check her out, and her beautiful virgin hair…



Looking for 100% Virgin Hair?
Pure Love Hair Collection has what you need!

Pure Love provides diverse clientele with healthy, luxurious, 100% virgin cuticle intact hair culled directly from donors in East Indian Temples and Purchased from Brazil.

Our hair strands are handpicked, sterilized, and sorted for the best quality and textures in order to provide you with superior product that stands apart from the so-call “Remy” hair being sold on the market today.

Pure Love Hair Collection has unprocessed human hair that has not been chemically treated. There are no permanent/semi-permanent colors, perms, or relaxers used to alter the color, texture or curl pattern of the hair. To prevent tangling, all the hairs are placed with the cuticles in the same direction. It is completely natural!


You can Dye, Bleach, or Perm the Hair with no problem, it is 100% Virgin Hair GURANTEED!

Pure Love Hair Collection carries 12″-30″ and hair is true to length.

12″ -$  70.00
14″ -$  75.00
16″ -$  80.00
18″ -$  85.00
20″ -$  90.00
22″ -$  95.00
24″ -$105.00
26″ -$110.00
28″ -$115.00
30″ -$120.00
***Three Bundle Deals Available as well***

We have straight, body wave, loose wave, and curly hair extensions and for your pleasure!


If you are interested, feel free to contact us if you have any questions and concerns.
Tel: 916-905-3135
Web: www.PureLoveCollection.com

Thank You for looking in to Pure Love Hair Collection! We look forward to doing business with you!

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